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redheads and Friday nights alone - hopeful4autumn

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January 31st, 2014

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08:56 pm - redheads and Friday nights alone
Interesting thoughts of the week...

-90% of redheads are a little off OR crazy (not proven, just speculation)
-disappointed in Beyonce for what looks like her endorsement of abusive relationships. See lyrics of "Drunk In Love". Question: Do pop artist actually believe what they sing? Or do they disassociate between their artist image and their everyday (real?) persona. Are they the obvious manifestations of a culture that says one thing and does another? Is it easier to be the same person all the time when you are less famous or not famous at all? Because there is not pressure to sell yourself and your work? Selena Gomez works with UNICEF but is in a movie like Spring Breaks? Disconnect or variety of interests?

-Another Friday night alone...being creative. being productive. being lonely.

I'm GOING TO LA IN A MONTH!!! Bring on the sunshine and waves!   

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