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January 21st, 2014

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05:00 pm - A blog about something...
Reconnecting with old friends vs. making new friends?
Do you have to get angry to get anything (esp. with companies)? Is the flaw with the company or that we think we deserve a reimbursement/discount (or whatever)? Do we deserve more than an apology?
Does the world really need more writing? Hasn't everything been said already...should we spend more time reading and less time writing?
If a massive amount of people in the U.S. decided to become vegetarians what would that do to the meat industry and all the people around the world that it employs? Would that mean the loss a significant amount of jobs? Every though our demand for meat is unsustainable and cruel to animals it is providing countless jobs.
Would other countries people suffer if Americans decided to eat more rice, couscous, quinoa and other stables in poor countries? Would eating less meat create an unsustainable demand for fresh vegetables and fruits and continue to drain water supplies because of the irrigation that must happen all year around to meet the demand?

-reconnect with one old friend
-make a new mixed drink (alcoholic)
-create a name, motto, color set, mission and business card for my makeup services
-Create FB page for makeup services
-waxing services on groupon?
-finish wedding album? bloopers...print photos of just me + engagement
-connect with Nicole and make a list of other places I could promot and promot at.
-stick with my vegetarian diet- eat less sugar
-help Josh with applications + photo editing
-ask Vaughen and Shannon for letters of recommendation?
-ask Lisa is there I there are ways she feels I can better support the business
-Promote valentines day ad for Posi+tive Body Care
-blog 2x a week

-The short = it is better for everything and everyone involved.
-The long=
In the process of taking an environmental science course last semester, my ego-friendly, conservation passionate professor explained that a vegetarian who drives an SUV is more eco-friendly than a meat-eater who drives a PREIS! WOW. So, reason #1 I am a vegetarian because I love the earth because God gave it to humans for steward and fill with life and culture and not totally strip it of its natural resources. It takes so many more resources to grow an chicken, pig, or cow than it does to grow the plants they eat. An unsustainable amount of resources. Reason #2, I do not think that they way the animals in large butcheries are treated is humane or the way they were every suppose to be raised. And I do not want to contribute to the demanded that insists they are treated so cruelly. Reason #3, I do not want the hormones and chemicals that are injected into animals so they grow twice as large as they are created to be in my body. Reason #3, I have been feeling quite tired lately and while I know that tiredness can result from any number of things, I also know that since our bodies had a hard time digesting meat, it can make our bodies feel less than 100%.

So there you have it, its for the earth, the animals, and my own body that I am no longer eating meat.

My head is 10x more clear now :)

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